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Our Role

Our Role

The term “Wealth Management” has been defined as an investment-advisory discipline that incorporates financial planninginvestment portfolio management, and related financial services.  This all-encompassing definition requires that our Associates have a wide breadth of knowledge or have access to resources in all financial related areas for their clients.  These areas include, among others, asset allocation and investment planning; risk management and insurance; college funding options; employee benefit plans and individual health care; tax planning and minimization strategies; estate planning; retirement planning including Social Security benefit claiming strategies; and health care options including Medicare.  

Through ongoing professional, personal, and proactive advisory relationships with our clients, our Associates act as the primary resource to provide clients with advice, services, and products that will help enable each to create, grow, organize, and protect their wealth. We are your wealth management Advisors.

Financial Management Strategies, Inc. is an independent investment advisory firm registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission.  According to Financial Advisor magazine, we are one of the “Nations Largest Investment Advisers” as ranked by assets under management.*    Our independent business model ensures that we have the autonomy and discretion to provide clients with the financial products and services that are in their best interests.  Just as we stand behind you as you pursue your financial goals, we have firms that support our business and Associates by providing needed resources to better serve you.  We think it is important for you to know who those partners are and why we have chosen to work with them.  

*Financial Advisor Magazine, July, 2021

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