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Managed Portfolios

We work with our clients to determine the appropriate asset allocation based upon the specific investment goal and risk tolerance for the account.  Depending upon the client’s preference, we then develop either an individual portfolio or utilize a predetermined portfolio based upon the concept of asset allocation.  FMS has developed and manages portfolios to meet a wide range of risk profiles and return expectations:

  • Total Return Portfolio – designed to potentially maximize portfolio return based upon current market and economic conditions for an investor who is willing to accept significant capital risk and market volatility.
  • Aggressive Growth Portfolio – designed for long-term growth through investment in domestic and foreign stocks for the investor who is willing to accept the risk of significant portfolio volatility and fluctuations in market value.
  • Capital Accumulation Portfolio – designed to pursue growth primarily through stock investments for the investor who is seeking long-term capital growth with less market volatility.
  • Balanced Portfolio – designed to provide some growth through stock investments with reduced volatility through bond holdings for the investor who is seeking modest long-term growth but is willing to accept lower market returns in exchange for reduced portfolio volatility.
  • Income & Capital Preservation Portfolio – designed to provide steady income along with some capital growth through stock investments with an emphasis on the preservation of capital for the investor who is seeking returns that outpace inflation with lower portfolio volatility.
  • Bond Portfolio – designed to provide income through investments in corporate, government, high yield, and global bonds for the investor who is seeking income without any expectation of capital growth.
  • Short Term Income Fund - designed to provide income through investment in short duration corporate and government bonds for an investor seeking higher levels of current income without any expectation of capital growth as an alternative to cash or money market type investments. This portfolio is invested entirely in short term bonds and senior floating rate funds. 

Asset allocation is an investment strategy that will not guarantee a profit or protect you from loss.

Investment Selection

Portfolios may include actively managed mutual funds; passive investments in selected mutual funds or Exchange Traded Funds (“ETFs”) that are managed to mirror the performance of a particular market index or asset sector; individual stocks; corporate, government, or municipal bonds; and alternative investment products.  Actively managed mutual funds included are determined based upon the in-depth analysis of both quantitative and qualitative fund data.  All are managed by individuals or firms with a consistent record of long-term performance with returns greater than the returns of the fund’s corresponding market index.  To enhance portfolio returns, we may strategically allocate the weightings of mutual funds and ETFs to strategically target specific market sectors based upon the current economic environment and market conditions.

Past performance is not an indication or guarantee of future results.