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eMoney Advisor

Introduction to eMoney Services

“Life in a Box” discusses the complexity of our financial lives today and how unorganized many of us are as a result.  By working with your eMoney Adviser, you can bring organization to your financial life by consolidating all your information through your personal and secure website that is updated on a daily basis.  Through that site, your Adviser can also help you develop a financial plan, create planning reports, make recommendations, and monitor your progress.  You can also upload and store copies of important personal documents such as Wills, Trusts, Powers of Attorney, deeds, insurance policies, and others as well as photos and videos.  Just like that box that held your only worldly possessions as a child, this technology “box” can bring organization to your financial life. 

Financial Planning Overview 

This “Financial Planning” video discusses the planning process that begins with the gathering of all asset information and preparation of a consolidated financial report that is then updated on a daily basis.  From there, your Adviser will work with you to define your planning goals and objectives and prepare a written report that will include recommendations to help address gaps and needed changes to your plan.  An implementation strategy is developed and the eMoney system helps your Adviser to monitor the plan on an on-going basis.  The end result is a comprehensive and complete plan to help you better organize your financial life and help you with your planning goals and objectives.

For CPA Alliance Partners

The “CPA Alliance” presentation outlines how the eMoney program can help you address the growing complexity of your clients’ needs and help you better manage your client relationships. Through partnership with FMS and using the eMoney Adviser program, you can be uniquely positioned to have real time client information, enhance the scope of services you provide, and increase firm revenue.  The CPA Partnership program can set you apart from your competition!