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Our Investment Advisory Services

FMS provides its advisory services in compliance with Department of Labor (DOL) and ERISA guidelines and regulations.  These services include:

  • Providing investment advice to participants and beneficiaries within the guidelines of an “eligible investment advice arrangement” under ERISA Section 408(g)
  • Acting as a fiduciary adviser to the plan as defined in The Pension Protection Act of 2006 and under either ERISA Section 3(31) or 3(38).
  • Establishment of the “Investment Policy” for the plan
  • Selection and on-going monitoring of the investment fund options offered to plan participants
  • Providing quarterly monitoring reports for the investment fund option and performance of the FMS managed portfolios
  • Conducting annual meetings with the Trustees to review the plan and the investment options available to participants
  • Coordination of the enrollment process both at the initial plan installation and at plan entry dates
  • Employee education and communication programs to maintain the plan’s compliance with IRC Section 404(c), offering periodic “Lunch and Learn” programs for participants on a variety of financial topics, and providing other investment and financial related information.
  • Availability of retirement planning and financial planning assistance to participants and beneficiaries
  • Coordination of administrative related functions with plan’s administrator

Our advisory services and procedures are designed to comply with the fiduciary standards under any applicable laws, rules, and regulations.  In addition, FMS undergoes an annual audit in compliance with DOL regulations.  For a copy of our most recent audit or additional information about our fiduciary services, contact