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Personalized Financial Plan

Our planning department prepares a personalized plan based upon your stated objectives and prioritized based upon the importance you placed on each. The scope of each plan varies based upon individual needs, but areas typically included in a plan are:

  • Income Tax Planning...focusing on ways to reduce and/or defer current taxation
  • Investment Analysis...creating an asset allocation model for investments based upon risk tolerance and time horizon that can be used as a guide in making current and future investment decisions
  • Education Funding...options for meeting future education expenses
  • Retirement Planning...effective use of current assets and future savings to accumulate assets that can provide you income during retirement
  • Disability Needs...make certain adequate income is available to sustain your lifestyle and to pay extra medical expenses
  • Long Term Care Planning...methods of preserving and protecting your assets from the cost of providing for nursing and custodial care
  • Estate Planning...providing for the desired distribution of your assets at death and minimizing estate taxes and expenses
  • Life Insurance...coordination with other assets to provide your survivors with cash and income to meet their needs
  • Property and Liability Insurance...protecting your assets against loss or destruction and from potential claims

As part of our investment and retirement planning analysis, we use what is known as "Monte Carlo" simulation to determine the probability that your financial plan will achieve its long term objectives. In addition, we have a network of professional advisors in the legal, tax, investment, and insurance areas that are available to assist us in making our planning recommendations.